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"Starburst" wrapping paper with golden yellow star ornaments against a brown background - printed on both sides on 100% recycled paper

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Wrap your Christmas presents in an elegant and festive robe with the double-sided wrapping paper "Starburst" from My Pretty Circus. The front features a classic Christmas motif: golden yellow star ornaments that glow against a warm, brown background. The back forms a modern contrast to the traditional front motif with a geometric star pattern in golden yellow. Give the gift of joy in stylish packaging with double-sided Christmas wrapping paper from My Pretty Circus.

The colorful wrapping paper from My Pretty Circus has two sides and can be used in a variety of ways.

The clear patterns on the front and back of the double-sided paper are harmoniously coordinated and can be wonderfully combined with each other.

The matt wrapping paper comes in the usual sheet format and is wonderful to fold and process.

This paper is not only suitable for wrapping small to medium-sized gifts, but is also perfect for the next craft project - for example:

  • Card making
  • bookbinding
  • scrapbooking
  • Journaling
  • Origami folds
  • Decorate photo albums
  • Making party decorations

and for many other creative projects.

The paper sheet, printed on both sides, is produced in a climate-neutral manner in Germany on 100% recycled paper and with mineral oil-free inks made from easily biodegradable vegetable oils.